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Prices include VAT and are subject to a site survey and discounts shown below

If you’re not sure about pricing your own job, we are more than happy to price your work over the phone for you (it only takes us a few minutes)



If you are selecting more than one item from the list below, please apply a 10% discount to your total (you can calculate this by multiplying (x) the total by 0.9) i.e. £100 x 0.9 = £90.  (Some items are excluded)


If your kitchen or bathroom is being stripped out (totally removed) or you have an empty shell extension, please apply a 20% discount to your total (you can calculate this by multiplying (x) the total by 0.8) i.e. £100 x 0.8 = £80.  (This discount excludes items not within the areas above)


Hourly Rate Plus Materials (T&M)

For small works, repairs, breakdowns and emergencies please call us for a price and to check availability. We will be able to give you a guide cost over the phone before booking you in. 

1 hour min. charge – £60.00

Materials supplied billed in addition to hourly rate

Itemised digital invoice presented for payment on completion by cash or card


Testing & Certification

Please note that we cannot sign off installation work carried out by others.  These tests can be used for insurance purposes, your own peace of mind or a house purchase and are intended to give an indication of the condition of the existing wiring

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) up to 10x circuits – £240.00

Additional circuits to above – £30.00 each

Part P building control submission – £6.00

Portable Appliance Test (PAT) per item – £5.40

Electrical Upgrade Packages

Our upgrade packages include a full test of your property, the supply & installation of a new Consumer Unit (choice of sizes below) to replace your existing unit or fuse box, earth bonding to incoming supplies as required  and a test certificate and part P building control submission on completion.

Please Note: Electrical Upgrade Packages are NOT Subject to Discounts!

10-way Consumer Unit (no surge protection) – £974.40

10-way Consumer Unit with surge protection) – £1,182.01

16-way Consumer Unit (no surge protection) – £1,192.80

14-way Consumer Unit with surge protection) – £1.1311.61

Earth Bonding (MPB)

It is essential that the incoming supplies to your property, such as gas, water, oil etc. are adequately earth bonded.  Failure to have this in place can lead to electric shock. The distances shown below are the distances from your electricity meter or Consumer Unit to your stop tap/gas meter etc.

Main Protective Earth Bond to Local Supply (within 2m) – £67.20

Main Protective Earth Bond to Distant Supply (2m-20m run) – £228.00

Socket Outlets & Power Supplies

Socket outlet prices include for extending from an existing circuit to place the socket in the new position of your choice.  Heater circuits include for a new circuit being ran from your Consumer Unit to the location of your heater.  All cabling either chased into the plaster, ran in trunking or ran outside as preferred.

(For items that are back-to-back or side-by-side (i.e. if your new socket will be butted up to an existing one, please discount by 50% – Excludes items marked **)

Single or Twin Switched Socket Outlet to Wall – £201.60

Twin Outdoor Socket Outlet with Closeable Lid – £135.60

Switched or Un-switched 13A Fused Spur Outlet to Wall – £206.40

20A Heater Circuit for Immerision/Panel/Storage Heater – £338.40**

Shaver Socket (Dual Voltage) to Bathroom** – £250.81

Convert Single Socket Outlet to Twin Socket Outlet** – £50.41

Lighting Points – Internal

We have a range of options for your lighting points.  Each option includes running a cable from the nearest power source to your new desired lighting location. Prices exclude switches – Please see the next section for switching options

Install lighting point c/w 6in plastic pendant (or client to supply luminaire) – £133.21

Install lighting point c/w LED drum fitting (suitable for porches and bathrooms) – £190.81

Install LED down light (per point) fire-rated and dimmable – £118.80

Light Switches & Dimmers – Internal

Our external lighting options include an internal switch where required.  Cabling is clipped externally where possible to avoid damage internally

1 Gang Switch Point -£166.80

2 Gang Switch Point – £242.41

3 Gang Switch Point – £318.00

4 Gang Switch Point – £394.80

1 Gang Dimmer Switch Point – £199.21

2 Gang Dimmer Switch Point – £282.00

Lighting Pull Cord Point – £133.21

Lighting Points – External

A ‘gang’ is a switch… Once you’ve chosen what lighting point you would like from the menu above, you’ll need to switch it.  Please select an option below for each lighting point if you require new switch points to be installed.  Cables can be chased into the plaster, or ran in trunking as preferred.

Outside lighting cabling point installation (customer to supply light fitting), with switch internally if required – £196.50

10w LED floodlight with or without PIR, with internal switch if required – £240.00

20w LED floodlight with or without PIR, with internal switch if required – £250.81

30w LED floodlight with or without PIR, with internal switch if required – £259.01

50w LED floodlight with or without PIR, with internal switch if required – £282.01

Electric Cookers

Our standard cooker installation considers a 32A supply, which will carry 8.5kw (8500w) of power.  This is enough to power an electric hob and single oven.  If you require an electric hob AND double oven, you may require 2x supplies.  The install is split into 2x parts. If your install is from scratch (i.e. no cooker circuit at all) you will need both parts.

Install cooker supply from consumer unit to cooker switch on wall (up to 20m run) – £339.61

Install cooker supply from switch to outlet plate at rear of cooker – £156.00

Electric Showers

Our standard shower installation considers a 40A supply, which will carry 10.5kw (10,500w) of power.  This is enough to power the majority of electric showers. The install is split into 2x parts. If your install is from scratch (i.e. no shower circuit at all) you will need both parts.

Install shower supply from consumer unit to shower switch on wall or pull cord on ceiling (up to 20m run) – £318.00

Install shower supply from switch or pull cord to shower unit – £148.50

Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

We supply & install AICO detectors.  They’re mains powered (hard wired), interlinked and have a battery backup in each unit.  They can also interconnect via wireless bases if running wires between units is not possible.

Smoke Detector Point- £241.21

Heat Detector Point – £254.40

Co2 Detector Point – £303.61

Intruder Alarm Systems

We supply & install Honeywell Accenta Generation 4 Alarm Panels and a range of detectors, bell boxes, keypads and GSM voice diallers.  Our alarms are fully wired (except the GSM dialler) and should be serviced annually.

Alarm System standard property kit comprising 8 zone panel, remote entry keypad, 5x movement PIR’s, a bell/strobe unit to front of property, panel battery – £968.41

Additional live bell/strobe unit to front/rear of property – £189.60

Install GSM dialler to system – £324.00

Install additional PIR movement sensor to system – £145.21

Install dummy bell/strobe unit to front/rear of property – £82.81

Ventilation (Fans)

In domestic properties there are two main types of fan;

  1. A standard wall fan, which can be mounted either on an external wall vented straight out or on a ceiling – capable of moving 75m3/hr
  2. An inline fan unit, which sits in the loft space and is ducted from the room out via a gable end wall or soffit board – capable of moving 187m3/hr

Both are available with or without timers and serve 4in (100mm) diameter ducting.  Where you have no outside walls or soffits, you will require a roof vent adding

4in (100mm) wall fan to wall or ceiling – £342.01

4in high pressure inline fan – £453.60

Supply & install roof vent for fan – £336.00

Power to Garden Buildings & Hot Tubs

Our outdoor power supplies come in two different power categories; A 13A power source which can be used to supply a socket and light in a shed (socket and light need pricing separately using the price list above) or a water feature for example.  Then a 32A supply which can be used for higher power equipment such as hot-tubs.  Both options see an armoured cable used to carry power to the required location with a maximum run of 20m.

13A sub main supply to garden building or outdoor power requirement – £604.80

32A sub main supply to high power using equipment such as hot tubs – £685.21

TV Points, Telephone Sockets & Smart Homes

TV Points are ran from an existing booster or splitter in the loft.  Sorry, we do not carry out arial or roof work.  Telephone points are ran from the nearest existing master or slave telephone point.  We are a NEST approved installer.

Slave telephone point – £205.21

TV socket outlet – £199.20

Install & setup NEST thermostat system (excludes cost of NEST thermostat) – £120.00

Full Rewires

All of our rewires start with the basic package below.  If you require additional items to those listed, simply add them as items from above applying a 20% discount to the additional items (There is no discount on the original rewire package)

Our Rewire Package Includes; 1x Consumer Unit, 25x Power Points, 10x Lighing Points, 10x Light Switch Points, 2x Earth Bonding Points, 2x Smoke Detector Points, 1x Heat Detector Points, Re-plastering of Chases

Loft spaces which are boarded will incur additional charges

Please Note: Full Rewire Packages are NOT Subject to Discounts!

House Rewire (2-Storey) – £6,927.80

 Bungalow Rewire (Single Storey) – £5,967.80


We cover the following towns (and nearby villages);

Hinckley, Burbage, Nuneaton, Stoke Golding, Earl Shilton, Barwell, Market Bosworth, Sharnford, Wolvey, Stoney Stanton, Sapcote, Broughton Astley, Narborough, Lutterworth



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